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Thursday, January 4, 2018

General Update, New-ish Releases

It's been too long since the last post, so I'll try to bring you up to speed.

Last year :[Even~Tide]: was in two RFL events in SL. Sci-Fi Convention and Fantasy Faire. Between the two, new releases were made of Trill Spots, Cyber Lines, Wing Scars, and special rainbow and gold editions of tattoos such as Magical, Seelie Glow and Seelie Scar. Since then, due to RL, participation in other events and new releases, in general, has been limited. Mosaic Spots and Frosted were both released through Genre.

Now, with 2017 come to a close, I look to my plans forward for 2018. An addition set and variation on the Battle Scars tattoo in the form of Fantasy Scars, with scarring from bites, claws and other wounds (if you are a fan of the Battle Scars); Variations of the new Mosaic Spots that will include ombre with intents to release this in the spring for Fantasy Faire as a limited edition or possibly gotcha; a brand new tattoo called 'Pebbling' meant to be suitable for more reptilian avatars and was inspired by turtles and tortoises; Updates for a variety of tattoos once Omega Evolved is released for Slink and Maitreya (this will allow all updated bodies to choose one arm for tattoos the way that slink already allows); And other tattoos as need and inspiration strike. (So, ya know, feel free to send inspiration links or requests.)

If you are looking for the best way to keep up on New Releases, hit the subscriber in world, or follow on Flickr.

Have a Happy New Year!

-Eve Gaelyth

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Releases and Updates!

Wow, been a bit since I last posted, huh?

Pictures will be posted below. I've done a few events and made a few special releases. If you are looking for the BEST way to stay up to date with :[Even~Tide]: tattoos and all the newest things, hit the subscriber in world (it won't take a group spot and I swear I don't spam) and start following us on Flickr. There is my own Flickr, as well as the :[Even~Tide]: group Flickr for sharing all of the amazing images created at least in part using :[Even~Tide]: tattoos.




Flickr pool: (Feel free to add your own photos with :[Even~Tide]: products!)


Soon we will be releasing special editions of 'Elegant', titled 'Elegant Ember' for Elicio Ember. More details about the event can be found here:

Then... later in the month of March, :[Even~Tide]: will be participating (for the first time!) in the Secondlife Sci-Fi Convention for RFL. I asked friends for recommendations of tattoos to do, and while there might be others released at the event, there will be two special edition Trill Spots just for RFL, and others as a new release.

And, coming in April... Fantasy Faire! For me, this was always the mark that I had finally gotten enough accomplished to be able to participate, and an event that I look forward to each year. I am not fully confirmed with sim assignment, but pretty sure that I'll be in. What will get released? Well, I have a few ideas in mind. Some simply recolors of other released items, old RFL items making a special appearance, and hopefully at least one or two, maybe more, completely new items.

I'd also like to join the silent auction again this year, so if there is something specific that you'd like to see sold to the highest bidder, let me know! In the past I've done special color editions exclusively for the auction, but I am always open to other ideas. Perhaps someone out there wants my entire tattoo collection? (That'll be a headache to box up.... )

Feel free to hit my up in world with ideas, and we'll see what happens! For now, enjoy the previews below...



Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Release! ... Kinda.

If you know me at all, or just look at my profile, you'll see that I am an RPer. RP is really where I started with my tattoo creation, and it's where I continue to look for ideas even today. The concept was to create tattoos that could be used on any skin to allow people to create their favorite fantasy avs in a way that might otherwise be out of their reach simply do to the cost of (often amazing) fantasy skins. Skins are HARD if you didn't know, and very worthy of the price asked for them. That said, I didn't want limited funds to prevent RPers from playing certain races.

To this day, my hallmark items are my scales. And, yes, in the future, there is yet another scale item that will be coming. 

However, as I said, I'm an RPer. 

So as a way to give back to the community that has given me so much, I have created a special edition of some select tattoos. The color set is inspired from the sim itself.

Product Information:

All packs sold on the Marketplace will include Omega, System and TMP. Because Slink and Maitreya can be applied via Omega, I did not see reason to make extra appliers (though I can given time and a special request). Per norm and original, all tattoos are Unisex. (Don't know Omega? Look here! )

New Dragon
- 12 unique tattoos.
- 6 regular or faint, 6 heavy or dark (so two fade levels of each tattoo)
- Scales are Purple (made from purple/silver), Blue (made from blue/brown) and Metallic (brown/silver). Two versions of each, plus two fade levels.
- Torso and legs only.

Mer Scales
- 6 unique tattoos.
- Scales are Purple (made from purple/silver), Blue (made from blue/brown) and Metallic (brown/silver). Two versions of each.
- Face (omega and system), torso and legs.

Faun Spots
- 3 unique tattoos
- Each tattoo is made of two colors. Purple/Silver, Blue/Brown, Silver/Brown.
- Face (from simple spots styling, omega and system), torso and legs.

Tiger Stripes (Two Tone)
- 6 unique tattoos
- Each tattoo is made of two colors. Purple/Silver, Blue/Brown, Silver/Brown.
- Each version has regular and 'faded'.
- Torso and legs only.

Runner Paint (Special)
- 4 unique tattoos
- Combination of normal 'Runner Paint' styles for a special release style.
- Four colors: Purple, Brown, Silver, Blue.
- Face (omega and system), torso and legs.

Marketplace Listings:

Because of the kind sponsorship of a friend, Eglantine Broome ( <3 ), I am able to offer these tattoos with 100% going to the sim to assist with funding a new sim and build. These tattoos will only be available for a limited time. How long? I haven't decided yet.

I will also do the following alterations. Simply buy the original product, then send a polite IM or NC with the request of which tattoo and what alteration you would like. If you would like it in TMP, it will be added to the existing style mode hud, and there will be an additional 10L charge, due to the extra cost of creating a preview image. Please understand, while these alterations can be quick, I am often in the middle of something else so it may take awhile, though rarely more than 48 hours. 

Faun Spots: Solid color, purple/blue, half intensity/faded 
     - No Face, 20L per tattoo, made in system and omega
     - With Face, 30L per tattoo, made in system and omega

Tiger Stripes: Solid color, purple/blue (either intensity)
     - 20L per tattoo, made in system and omega

Runner Paint, Mer Scales
     - System layer, no face tattoo. 0L

I think that covers everything. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me in world at Eve Gaelyth. And if you are an RPer yourself, looking for an urban fantasy sim, check out Convergence!

Thank you, Z, for all that you have done and strive for.